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Renting apartments for 24-hours in Cherkassy is more profitable than renting the hotel. Renting apartments for 24-hours in Cherkassy became a good, deserving alternative to hotels in the city.
You have an opportunity to live in more comfortable apartments. To rent a room in the hotel is quite expensive and complicated than to rent an apartment .In our Agency you will be offered a short-term rental of one, two, three-room apartments in Cherkassy. Renting apartments for 24-hours in Cherkassy is available for both in a day of appeal and renting in advance. Renting the apartments for 24-hours in our Agency is fast, profitable and reliable. Renting the apartment you pay for every day you live. There are no fees and additional charges. You pay exactly for the renting of the apartments. A comfortable apartment in the center of the city will cost you a lot cheaper than a similar room in the hotel.

-A two-room apartment. A room-studio and a bed-room. Situated in the center of the city on Shevchenko Square. It is next to restaurant «Mc.Donalds» and a shopping centre, non-stop shops, cinemas and theatres, night clubs, bars, restaurants and parking, which is secured
The apartment is on the 3-rd floor of the 5-storied brick building. Rooms are re-planned. The apartment was renovated to Western in a classical style, using modern expensive building materials. A geyser allows constant using hot water.
The heating- centralized.
The apartment is equipped with all necessary house-hold appliances: TV, satellite, stereo-system, home-theatre, DVD-player, fridge,  washing machine, fan, electric kettle, hair-dryer, iron and ironing-board.
Modern furniture and design create a unique, charming atmosphere of comfort and cosiness. Make yourself at home.

We offer apartments for 24-hours only in the central parts of the city. It is profitable to rent an apartment as it is a good service, comfort, security and a complete confidentiality. Renting the apartment in our Agency you will be given all the papers (documents) for accountant report.





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